Qdental Laboratory

QDental Digital

Under the leadership of our founding dentist, G├╝rkan Metin, Dent Glow Clinic and Q Dental Digital Lab offer personalized treatment services with an understanding that is open to development and change in every field of dentistry, and that constantly increases the quality of service.

The owners of Dent Glow Clinic and Q Dental Digital Laboratory each have 25 years of experience and have been working together for 15 years.

Q Dental Digital Lab only serves Dent Glow Clinic patients.

Thanks to this cooperation, you can easily reach effective, fast, accurate and quality treatments.

We value the wishes and opinions of our patients, so we are in dialogue with our patients at every stage of the treatment process.

Using the latest technology equipment in our partner laboratory, we analyze your teeth in the most accurate way and create your treatment plan accordingly.

We offer the treatments that our patients need by performing personalized aesthetic studies.

During your treatment process, our expert and experienced dentists and dental technicians work together to give you the best service.

In this way, our patients have the chance to experience the designs specially made for them in 3D in their mouths before production.

Thanks to our clinic and laboratory working with digital infrastructure, we make the treatment process faster and more comfortable.

As Dent Glow Clinic and Q Dental Lab, we offer everything you need to maintain your dental health and have a beautiful smile.