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When you think of tourism, you probably think of tropical beaches or famous attractions in a foreign city. But some people plan their vacation around dental tourism which is a process of an individual traveling outside of his or her country where they reside to another with the goal of saving costs on dental work.

Throughout your dental tourism process with Dent Glow, you will be accompanied and tracked by our team members of the international patient department. Before, during, and after your treatment process, all your questions will be answered, all will be explained by our expert team, and it will be ensured that you remember your journey unforgettably. You can trust that your visits will be well-organized and relaxing every time.

Dental Tourism

Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, is known as ‘the city where the sun never sets’ because of the ample sunshine it receives year-round. Izmir has all natural & urban beauties that’s needed for a modern city and harbor view which makes it more attractive. Its proximity to a number of impressive beaches makes it a popular summer holiday destination for tourists.

Izmir is situated on the coast of the Aegean, at the end of a gulf to which it gives its name. It is the industrial and commercial center of the Aegean and is used as a harbor for exporting goods.

You will not only have your dental treatment done, but also have the best experience of being a tourist in this joyful and modern city.

Why Izmir / Turkey

  • The clinics and surgeries are modern and clean with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Clinic quality is very high; many dental practices are awarded the ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certificate.

  • CE certificated high-technology dental equipment.

  • High quality at fair prices.

  • The history, culture, delicious cuisine, and shopping varieties.

dental tourism in izmir turkey
dental tourism in izmir turkey
dental tourism in izmir turkey
dental tourism in izmir turkey

Due to its unique and convenient geographical position, Turkey is the crossroads of two continents bordering Europe, Asia and Central Asia. Izmir is the third largest city and the capital of modernity of Turkey. It is well known with its natural beauties, blue flag beaches and historical background.


Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is a modern airport which has two runways and two terminals. It is Turkey’s fifth largest airport in terms of passenger numbers and is widely used by the well-known airlines. Once your plane lands, our driver will be greeting you at the airport by holding a signboard with your name on it.


Not only your treatment process but also your comfortable journey is important for us. That’s why, once you book your treatment with us, you will be offered to stay in the most welcoming hotels with the affordable prices. Moreover, based on your treatment plan, your hotel will be covered by our side.


Throughout your dental journey, you will be exploring the thousands of richness in the city center or the surrounding districts in Izmir. Once you are planning the trip for your dental treatment, you may consider staying longer to have a taste of local food, walk around the colorful traditional bazaar, be amazed by the view from the top of the city or its history, or more.

Being a Tourist in Izmir

  • Izmir Clock Tower

  • Historical Elevator

  • Atatürk Museum

  • Balçova Gondola

  • Kemeraltı Bazaar

  • The ancient city - Ephesus

  • Unique town - Şirince

  • With their cristal clear water - Çeşme & Alaçatı

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